Welcome to Taste Buds

The elegant and unique Taste Buds Indian Cuisine established in 2017 with one simple aim ‘to serve authentic, home-style Indian cooking, just like Indian wives and mums cook at home’.

‘Indian Mums make nutritious dishes, with robust flavors and rustic undertones. At Taste Buds Indian Cuisine, we serve similar cuisine but we ensure that the flavors are well-balanced and that the presentation is contemporary. We believe that food should not only please the palate but also the eyes.’

Subsequently, Taste Buds Cuisine’s mission took shape – to prove that Indian cuisine can be as subtle and finely balanced as any of the world’s greatest cuisines.

‘We choose the name Taste Buds Indian Cuisine, because they are body’s most valuable sensory organs found on tongue that allow us to experience different tastes’. Our menu, have a blend of some traditional favorites as well as authentic homemade but our emphasis is on bringing the best of Indian food, gleaned from royal households of India.